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Absolutely worth the money!

Fast, easy to use, but hidden contens is not shown

I had problems with a full Disk. With Disk Expert, is was easy to find the biggest files. Suddenly it happens, that with each deleted big file, the free disk space becomes less, not more. It was caused by MobileBackups (local backup of time machine). The hidden dirs on the root disk is neither counted nor shown by Disk Expert! It would be nice to show the /.MobileBackups directory and other hidden contents. At least their disk space should be counted and shown. Nice is that the top twenty of big files are shown for each selected directory.

Excellent App

I used to be on PC and always had a similar program to manage my disk space. Disk Expert is a well design app that will let you see at a blink of an eye where all you disk space is being used. It is an essential tool that I use regularly. You can’t guess where your disk space is going until you have a program like Disk Expert.

Get’s fool by Time Machine

Work great but It is getting fool by all the alias in time machine. It is also weird that it’s competitor disk inspector is made by the same developper.

Fast and very detailed map

I purchased this app to free up some space in my macbook pro with 120 GB of HDD. It scans very fast and you can expand the detailed map of every folder. I hesitated to buy when I saw the price, but the job it does deserves it. Thanks for this great app.

When there will be support Retina ?

When there will be support Retina ? I love this program. I would want that she looked beautiful:)

Identified hidden storage-stealers my other file managers missed.

Other apps which routinely succeed at locating hidden files missed the hidden files Disk Expert identified.


As a graphic designer and mom, I never have enough room on my memory for all my pictures of my kid and all my large design files. This app makes it easy to delete useless and old files that are just taking up all the room I need!

Cleaned my Mac so well!

This app does exactly what it says and is very easy and simple to use. The app scanned my harddrive and showed me an interactive graphic of all of my files. On the right it listed the largest files, and I was able to get rid of many things that I didn’t need. Definitely worth the cost!

Great app, but it constantly nags me to rate it, so I will. It gets a 2 because of the nagging.

If the developer wouldnt have relentlessly deployed popups nagging me to rate it, and nagging me to try all of their other apps, it would have gotten a solid 5.

A solid app. It works well at finding the large files

This is useful in finding where all the big stuff is you need to get rid of or move off to an external.

Handsome and fully functional hd cleaner

Thanks for the brilliant idea to make hard drive cleaning process visual, it’s almost perfect. Perhaps maybe I would suggest to make going from sub-folder back to folder a bit more obvious.

Thanks a lot

For the trip I wanted to leave as more free disk space as it was possible. I managed to back up high-capacity files that I had no need to take with me. A program indicated the files which take a lot of disk space and I backed them up (old documents and videos). Now I have enough free disc space for 2 trips :)

Very impressed with scanning speed

Ive got something like 160 gigs of data, and total scan took only about 8 minutes. 

very useful app

I want to congratulate you that you do this huge and excellent work with Disk Expert. The most amazing is picking up the Drop Files. In short as a Mac expert: I love it!

Must-have tool

My opinion is that Disk Expert is a must-have tool for everyone who has many files and does not want to spend entire life looking for a piece of free space!

Nice utility to free some space on SSD.

Speedy scanning. It showed me few hidden files I dont need anymore. Thanks!

Freeing a lot of space quickly

My MacBook Pro was low on disk space (25GB free on a 160GB drive. I also found a few big files and emptied out my Downloads folder. I managed to free up 50GB between the Trash (66k items in less than a year!) and other files

Wonderful Utility

I am forever downloading files and then "losing" them. I find files I have downloaded that I no longer even recognize what they are. The possibility to move files to Trash by one click is what I like the most.

Saves time and money

My hard drive was a complete mess, I needed to do some serious clean up or have to buy the new hdd, It is the best tool, I’ve ever used.

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